We know that physical activity is important for kids. It helps them build good cardiovascular health, strong bones, and helps regulate mood and energy. There are a number of different ways that kids can be active every day, including sports, gym time at school, or playing outside on a playground. Kids can also exercise with you, as long as you’re making adjustments for their age and physical abilities. Rather than keeping your exercise time to yourself, you can include your kids or whole family. And your kids may even have a thing or two to teach you about working hard and having fun.

Although there are benefits of working out with your kids, there are also important considerations to make so that your child doesn’t get hurt. Let’s talk about how kids can exercise safely and what limitations you may need to put in place.

Can Kids Workout Safely? 

Yes! Working out is a proactive way to stay healthy for all ages, but only if you’re doing so in safe ways. You wouldn’t expect to see a seven year old training with Olympians, and you probably won’t find gold medal winners on the playground. That’s because there are environments designed for physical activity at different levels. 

Finding activities made for your child’s age and ability level is important to create a safe workout space for your kids. Depending on their age, that might be a pool, a bike ride, or even going to a gym. Adult supervision is necessary when working out with your child to ensure that they’re not taking on anything that’s over their head. And learning how to exercise with an adult can be fun as well as safe for kids. 

There are so many ways to get you and your family up and moving. It can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood or going to your kid’s favorite playground and joining their play. You can try an organized sport or going a little farther from home for a hike in nature. Working out as a family comes in many different varieties — it’s up to you and your kids to decide what you’ll enjoy the most and up to you as the parent to help make any activity you choose safe. 

What Workout Limitations Do Kids Have

Workout limitations vary from kid to kid. One child might want to run for miles with their parents while another may rather learn how to play a new sport like basketball or soccer. Young kids will need more support and supervision than teenagers. 

A child shouldn’t be doing any workouts they aren’t physically capable of doing given their age, size, and abilities. It never hurts to try something new, but based on your child’s age, there are activities like working out at a gym or lifting weights that can wait until they get older and are stronger and more responsible. Enforcing boundaries around exercise is as important as creating a fun, positive environment around fitness.

Determining the boundaries for workouts that are safe and fun for your kids is a process of considering your child’s interests and physical abilities alongside your own. Forcing a child to do a workout they don’t want to do is ten times harder than creating fun opportunities to be active. And establishing a positive association around fitness can help your kids continue to be active and healthy into the future, while avoiding unhealthy behaviors around exercise. You can help motivate your kids to do regular activities that they enjoy

What Physical Activities are Good for Kids

No matter their age or interests, kids need to be active. It’s an important and necessary way they develop and grow in their bodies. The CDC suggests that every kid get an hour of activity a day. What you and your kids decide to do in that hour a day of activity is up to you. We’ve talked about some of our favorite ways to include cardio in your children’s routines along with activities that are appropriate depending on your child’s age. You can also talk to your children’s teachers, coaches, and your kid themselves to determine what activities they might enjoy best.

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