Adding to your home gym or fitness equipment can enable you to do more challenging or interesting workouts from home. Your workout equipment options depend heavily on the space that you have available. If you have an entire workout room you can consider bulkier options than if your home gym is tucked away in the corner of your living room. No matter the size of your space, consider these underrated fitness equipment options to add more dimension to your home workouts. 

Easily Stored Fitness Equipment

Jump Rope

A jump rope is one of the most easily-stored ways to add cardio into your fitness routine. While many of us left behind jumping rope in elementary school, it’s a great warm up or intense cardio activity. After a minute or two of jumping, your heart will be pumping and you’ll feel the effort in your legs and shoulders. Jump roping is an effective plyometric exercise which can improve your jumping and sprinting ability. (Plyometrics are exercises that quickly lengthen and shorten your muscles — like jumping or sprinting.) 

Resistance Bands

Another easily-stored piece of equipment is resistance bands. Many strength-building exercises focus on the use of weights. Resistance bands also allow you to build strength similar to weight bearing exercises, while simultaneously challenging your muscles in a different way focusing on smaller stabilizing muscle groups. Resistance bands typically come in sets with different band strengths and are very easy to store. 

Mid-Sized Equipment

Kettlebells or Exercise Balls

You can add strength training equipment to your home workout space without traditional dumbbells. Kettlebells or weighted exercise balls can give you the weight to lift, toss, and squat around your space with different functionality than traditional free weights. 

Pull-Up Bar

Body-weight exercises are an excellent at-home alternative to the weights and machines you can use for strength-building at the gym. While a pull-up bar has only a few limited uses for your home workouts, pull-ups are a classic and effective way to build strength without needing much space or equipment. 

Yoga Mat

Yoga is an increasingly popular form of exercise. And a yoga mat can serve more purposes than only a place to get your Om’s. Having a supportive, sticky place to do floor workouts or circuit routines can be easier than having to do so on carpet or hardwood. Depending on the size of your home workout space, you can leave your yoga mat unrolled to encourage you to stretch and move your body throughout the day — even when you don’t have the time for a full workout. 

Equipping your home workout space is dependent on the types of exercise you enjoy doing and the space you have available. With the vast number of online resources out there, all you need to exercise is an internet connection and enough free space. Or tennis shoes that can carry you on a run around the neighborhood. Determine what pieces of fitness equipment will add value to your workouts. Consider areas where your home gym is currently limited and start there.

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