It’s that time of the year again. The gyms are starting to thin out as the New Year gets underway and people start to lose motivation with their far-fetched goal of losing twenty pounds in one month. This might have been you in the past, and that’s okay! But the question is, how do you make a change that helps you stay on top of your fitness resolutions this year? Here are some easy tips to make your exercise goals stick.

Share Your Journey 

According to a study from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, over 40% of Americans made a New Year’s resolution in 2017, but fewer than half of those people were successful in meeting those goals six months into the year. Accountability is everything when it comes to making consistent progress toward a goal and keeping your fitness journey a secret can actually hinder your growth. Tell your friends and family about your resolution so they can get excited with you. This can be especially useful on those days when you don’t really feel like working out, but you want to have good news to report when your coworker asks you how it’s coming. Our ViGOR coaches are ready to help!

Get Fit With a Friend 

Social interaction can make working out more pleasant and it can keep you coming back for more. Exercising with other people, whether in a group class or with a designated fitness buddy gives you the benefit of sharing your progress while also having fun. Depending on your fitness level and your personal goals, you might be interested in joining a walking group that meets up in your neighborhood or maybe you have a specific workout partner that pushes you to get in one more rep. Ideally, try to choose a partner (or a group of people) that will help you stay motivated year-round instead of flaking out after just a month or two or allowing you to make excuses for skipping workouts. ViGOR Fitness is about creating a community of members – you’ve got friends ready to go!

Make a Motivating Playlist 

Music might be one of your most effective tools this year when it comes to crushing your goals. On top of providing the right kind of distraction from physical discomfort, music can put you in the zone and help you work harder. In fact, one study found that listening to music while exercising can increase your performance by 15 percent. If you’re looking for the perfect high-tempo cardio song that will help get your heart pounding without being too fast, look for songs that are in the range of 120 to 140 beats per minute (bpm). Think “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse or “Womanizer” by Britney Spears.  Do you have a favorite playlist that gets you pumped up? We’d love to include it in ours!

Set Monthly Goals 

A year is a very, very long time. Think about it. How many big life events happened for you in 2019? Maybe you got a new job, moved houses, started dating someone new, or even got a pet! Now think about how important fitness was on a daily basis and whether or not you were consistent with exercise milestones. It might be a little bit harder to recall, right? You can help set yourself up for success in 2020 and prioritize fitness by sitting down and establishing realistic monthly goals for yourself. If your goal is to build up your stamina and be able to run a marathon by next January, you’ll want to do a little research then mark your calendar with some personal deadlines. It’s easy to let your goals drift away when they stay in your head because let’s be honest, that can be a messy place sometimes! But when those goals are right in front of you on pen and paper, they’ll seem much more bite-sized and achievable. Our ViGOR coaches will work with you to attain your goals so you can continue to evolve.

Track Your Progress With Selfies 

Many people’s fitness goals involve an aspect of weight loss which can offer a number of health benefits for some people. If you’re already overweight, losing a few pounds can decrease your chance of diabetes, lower your blood pressure, and improve mobility. However, losing weight isn’t the only measure of physical fitness or success and can actually be unhealthy for some individuals. This is why you should track your progress with selfies instead of numbers on the scale! Pictures provide you with visual evidence of your journey and they are a more accurate representation of the way you feel instead of just how much you weigh. You could also consider sharing your pictures on social media. A study by Translational Behavior Medicine found that participants who shared their progress on Twitter saw more success than those who did not.  

Treat Yourself

Rewards can go a long way when it comes to staying motivated for an entire year and they don’t always have to come in the form of dessert. While you shouldn’t completely cut yourself off from your favorite treats (since it will increase the likelihood of going on a food binge) find other ways to reward yourself for your hard work. This could be something unrelated to your workouts like seeing a movie with a friend that you’ve been anticipating for months or a fitness-specific treat like new running shoes. You can even coordinate your rewards with your monthly calendar goals to give yourself something to strive for and look forward to every thirty days. Remember – you earned it!

Be Flexible with Your Resolution

You might be busting your butt to meet your goal and halfway through the year, you realize it’s just not possible. Maybe the goal was too big or maybe you get an injury that prevents you from achieving whatever target you set. However, that doesn’t spell the end for your New Year’s resolution. Always keep sight of the fact that you made a pact with yourself to become more fit in some capacity. As long as you’re making a dedicated effort to consistently work toward a healthier lifestyle, you’re accomplishing what you set out to do. Take it one day at a time.

At the end of the day, setting up a New Year’s resolution is all about making a commitment to better yourself. Honor this goal by celebrating small victories, staying focused, and keeping a positive attitude. Hopefully, you’ll be able to look back at the end of the year and be proud of how far you’ve come! 

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