Exercising every day of the week (or even 3-4 days) burns a lot of calories. Make the time for your daily sweat, but don’t forget to focus on the food you’re feeding your hard-working body. By taking the time to create a food schedule, you may find opportunities to improve your life in the kitchen alongside at the gym.

A balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals creates lasting impacts in your daily life as well as in your high intensity workouts. Proteins are important to enhance your physical power and carbohydrates create the energy that fuels your body. Nutrients and a sufficient supply of water are required in order to get any lasting value out of your workouts in the form of strength and endurance. 

So how do you fuel your body with the healthy food it needs? Let’s dive in.

Healthy Eating & Meal Prepping

Putting together your meals ahead of time is one way to consistently eat healthy, but it can be a hard habit to start. There are ways to make your meal prep as easy as it can be so you can enjoy the many benefits of a balanced, healthy diet without too much hassle. 

Start by looking up achievable recipes online to get excited about the meals you can make and, most importantly, eat and enjoy. Finding easy-to-follow, exciting recipes can make preparing meals more fun. Meal prep inspiration is all over the internet, we even have a blog about it, which makes this step the first to take. 

Meal prep doesn’t have to be an individual journey, so bring your friends and family along for the ride to stay consistent and excited. When roping your loved ones in with you, make sure they’re as interested in the meals as you are. Sitting down and creating a list of all of the healthy meals everyone enjoys is an easy way to get ideas, get your whole crew ready to commit, and figure out what ingredients you’ll need. 

Once the ideas are flowing and you’re looking forward to a new way of eating healthy, it’s time to act. Look through each recipe to make sure you know how to make your meals and create a list of items that you need. When grocery shopping, try to get as many of the items you’ll need at once. Meal prep is easiest when you can have one or two designated days to do most of your food preparation, which means you’ll need everything on hand. 

Creating time in your schedule to actually prepare your meals can be one of the hardest parts of meal prepping. We suggest setting aside a day to create all of your meals for the week. Whether it’s a Saturday or a Tuesday, having a designated day to create the meals you’re excited about makes the process more manageable. On your prep day, do all of the chopping, peeling, and seasoning you need to have your meals ready to throw in the oven or on the stove each day. 

Eat Food You Enjoy

Eating healthy can be something you look forward to. Rather than viewing healthy eating as a chore, try to turn it into a fun family activity where everyone gets to enjoy the balanced versions of their favorite meals. You also don’t have to jump on the meal prep wagon every single day of the week. Ease your way into planning and prepping a healthy, balanced diet by meal prepping only for weekdays or pick 2-3 days in the week that become designated meal days. You can often transform your favorite meals into ones that include healthy components. When you look forward to eating your healthy meals, it’s easier to build the habit of healthy meal planning into your life. Try a variety of recipes and scheduling ideas to see what makes this healthy habit exciting to you and your family. 

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