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Meditation and Mental Health: How Regular Meditation Can Help Your Family

Meditation, like fitness, is a practice that comes in many different forms. Most meditations focus on conscious breathing, visualization, or mantras. Meditation is an effective way to improve your mental and physical well-being. Having a mood-boosting tool in your back pocket is especially important as winter makes the days shorter and colder — which can make it harder to get outside to exercise and can negatively impact your mood. Starting…

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Why Physical Activity is Important for Children

Regular physical activity has a number of health benefits that we talk about often, but typically we’re talking about adults and how you can build a sustainable, healthy fitness lifestyle. Establishing healthy fitness routines is also important for children, as creating healthy exercise habits in childhood can lead to healthier, happier adulthoods.  For many of us, exercise can occasionally be a means to an end — to lose weight, to…

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