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Muscle Care: Stretches for Before and After Your Workout

Before you dive into you workout, it’s important to have a stretching plan for before AND after your workout. Without stretching, you’re inviting injury. Let’s dive into how you should be stretching. The Warm-Up The warm-up is an essential part of any and every workout. It’s important to get your heart pumping and oxygen flowing. Warming up lowers your risk of an injury during an exercise and helps to reduce…

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Rowing for Weight Loss: Tips on How to Burn More Calories

Roughly half of the American public wants to lose weight or has tried to lose weight. How do we go about it? We know that it takes some combination of diet, exercise, hormones and other factors. So what do we do? We walk more and try to exercise with increased frequency. We attempt to increase our activity level, join gyms and eat more veggies. We also cut out calories and garden more…

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