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Fitness in the Great Outdoors for Public Lands Day

Getting out into the great outdoors can be rejuvenating and offer great opportunities for exercise. While time spent in the backyard or at your local park can satisfy the need for fresh air and open space, there’s something special about spending time in more vast natural spaces — like national parks. On September 26th, you can celebrate National Public Lands Day by enjoying free admission to any national park across…

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Why We Believe Fitness Should Be Accessible to Everyone

As fitness fanatics, we know that incorporating regular exercise into your life can have resounding benefits for your health, happiness, and wellbeing. Unfortunately, fitness isn’t always accessible to everyone and there are a variety of factors that can make it difficult for people to start and maintain a regular fitness routine and enjoy the many benefits of physical activity.  Benefits of Regular Exercise Incorporating regular fitness into your life has…

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