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How to Get Started With Weight Lifting and Strength Training

Strength training has become a foundational part of the fitness lifestyle. When someone says “I’m going to workout” the first thing that may pop into your head is lifting weights. But if you haven’t already included strength training in your own fitness routine, it can be intimidating to learn how to build specific muscle groups and enhance your strength correctly. Strength training and weight lifting can help you build targeted strength, increase bone density, and increase your metabolism, but how do you start? 

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Workout Limitations for Kids: Exercising Safely

We know that physical activity is important for kids. It helps them build good cardiovascular health, strong bones, and helps regulate mood and energy. There are a number of different ways that kids can be active every day, including sports, gym time at school, or playing outside on a playground. Kids can also exercise with you, as long as you’re making adjustments for their age and physical abilities. Rather than…

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