Exercise and Nutrition Tips while you remain safer-at-home

Life has been crazy recently. Stay at home orders, closed schools and offices, masks and gloves, safer at home guidelines — needless to say anxiety is high. Which for many means comfort food, binge-watching television, and no regular fitness routine. 

Enter the slight (or not so slight) bulge around the middle. 

Even if you haven’t gained the quarantine 15, your weight gain could be gathering in specific areas because of your more sedentary lifestyle and less strict nutrition. We all know this combination is not going to turn out well. But in these precedent times, we aren’t always focusing as well as we know we should in the food and fitness balance that battles the bulge.

Here are some nutrition and fitness tips to help. 

Bad Carbs 

Stay away from refined carbs like pastries, fruit juice/sugary beverages, and traditional ‘white foods’  like pasta, rice, and bread. According to Medical News Today, the negative aspect of refined foods is tied to both the way the food is processed as well as how the body breaks down and uses the food as fuel. The body processes refined carbs quickly, so they do not provide lasting energy, and they can cause a person’s blood sugar to spike. Refined carbs also provide very few benefits like vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Good Carbs 

According to Everyday Health, complex carbohydrates, found in whole grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables, contain longer chains of sugar molecules, which usually take more time for the body to break down and use. This, in turn, provides you with a more consistent amount of energy.


Coach Fola suggests eating more whole or complex carbs like whole grains/oats, green leafy/vibrant and colorful veggies, sweet and red-skinned potatoes, and quinoa. (All great sources for energy)

Carbs and Working out

Some carbs are beneficial coupled with exercise. We aren’t talking about carb loading here. Leave that to the Olympic swimmers and the professional bicyclists training for the tour de France. The carbohydrates in fruits are processed quickly by the body and can be a great source for a quick energy boost prior to your workout. 

Just Keep Moving

Even with the right nutrition, you can’t battle the bulge without exercise. But with some gyms still closed, others open but with steep restrictions, and the unclear guidelines for exercising outside, it is no wonder we’ve slowed down our activity level. The biggest key is to just keep moving. But if you are noticing a bulge in the middle from a more sedentary lifestyle lately, there are some specific exercises to focus on that will engage all planes of motion in various ways:

      • Sagittal plane
      • Frontal plane
      • Transverse plane 

It is important to engage in all three of these planes during exercise, not just one of the three, to properly battle the bulge. 

Sagittal plane exercises:

The sagittal plane, according to dictionary.com, divides the body of a bilaterally symmetrical animal into right and left sections. Some examples of sagittal plane exercises are:

Running, forward lunges, walking/running, weighted back squats, tricep pushdowns, bicep curls, and stair climbing.

Frontal plane exercises:

According to wikipedia the frontal plane is perpendicular to the ground. In humans it separates the anterior from the posterior, or rather the front from the back. 

Some examples of frontal plane exercises are:

Lateral leg/arm raises, side shuffle, lateral lunges, lat pull-downs, overhead press.

Transverse plane examples: 

Teachmeanatomy.info says the transverse plane divides the body into an upper (superior) section and a lower (inferior) section. 

Some examples of transverse plane exercises are:

Push-ups, bench press, chest/back fly’s, seated hip adduction/abduction, standing trunk rotations, Russian twists.

NASM refers to exercises in all three planes as training in 3D. They also say that “By improving three-dimensional movement, you reduce your risk for injury and are more likely to achieve your fitness (and life) goals. Your ability to function day-to-day will also become easier.”

We recommend engaging all three planes of motion daily for optimal health as well as battling the bulge that you may be experiencing with your reduced activity during stay at home or safer at home measures. 

If you have specific exercise questions, we invite you to message Coach Fola via Facebook, Instagram, or via our website. Even in the unprecedented times, #respectyourvigor!