Reducing feelings of isolation

This quarantine life is really isolating and depressing! If you are also feeling this way, we have a solution. In last week’s at home workout blog post we mentioned the reduction of stress hormones with regular, moderate exercises. Did you know that exercise also causes your body to release endorphins that improve your mood? When you exercise on a regular basis these endorphins can also reduce depression symptoms. 

Here at ViGOR FiTNESS, we think exercise is great! But that alone is not the way to get through this time of isolation. You still need to feel connected to a community! Here are some ideas on how you can reduce your feelings of isolation.

Find a workout buddy

Just like in person workouts, exercise is more fun with a friend. So what if you can’t be in the same room. If you are both following the same fitness routine you can not only hold each other accountable during the workout, you can also use that time to catch up. So what if catching up is only sharing the best binge worthy shows you’ve watched!

Stay connected

Dr. Michael Friedman told CNBC’s Make it, “Stay in contact with people — virtually — engage in activities that give you pleasure and a sense of meaning, and do what you can to help others, which is a remarkable antidote to depression.”

Staying connected may look different for all of us. Some popular ways to stay connected could involve:

  • a live video game environment that allows you to talk with friends while playing video games
  • video calls with friends or loved ones
  • group video sessions — we’ve seen some pretty creative group gatherings including birthday parties and virtual game night. 
  • getting in the car and taking a drive to simply smile and wave at others in their cars could also lessen the feeling of isolation

Simulate a normal routine

Even though you may be at home 24/7, psychologists say creating a near-normal routine can empower a sense of normalcy and productivity. So change out of your pajamas, take breaks from work or school activities, and make to do lists and check items off throughout the day. 

In Coach Fola’s third at home workout, focus your thoughts on positivity and know that you are doing your body and your mind good by staying fit and healthy while we practice social distancing or self-quarantine to flatten the curve.

Remember that any use of cardio equipment in these videos can be substituted with the same amount of time on whatever equipment you have at home. No cardio equipment? No Problem! The workout just needs any aerobic exercise for that same amount of time in Coach Fola’s instruction. You can mix and match any of the following aerobic exercises as a cardio machine replacement:

  • Jump rope/air jump rope 
  • Jumping Jacks (or any variation)
  • Jog in place
  • High Knees
  • Side shuffles
  • Shadow boxing
  • Walk in place

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Our last week of at-home workouts will be shared next Tuesday here on our Fitness blog as our final series in the 4 consecutive weeks of at-home workouts for you and your family to follow. (Did you miss week one or week two?) All of the workouts will remain on our site, so you’ll be able to refer to them, repeat a week or start over from the beginning at your leisure.

At ViGOR FiTNESS, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve total mind-body fitness regardless of your access to fitness equipment or your fitness level. If you’ve been enjoying these workouts, we’d love a shout out on social or a review left on our Facebook page.