The majority of us are currently feeling displaced from our normal routine because of COVID-19. Not only are many of us working from home in not so ergonomically sound workspaces, we have our children there with us as well, we are watching the news of growing presumptive positive cases, and it all increases our stress levels. In weeks and months prior, we might have released our stress at the gym, or by going for a run. With gyms here in Colorado closing like many other cities around our nation, that anxiety might just be building. But at home fitness, whether practiced alone, with your partner, or as a family, can help reduce stress and relieve tension as well as increasing mental health.

Coach Fola has been hard at work creating at-home workouts for all of us to stay fit and healthy while we self-quarantine to flatten the curve. We’ll be sharing 4 consecutive weeks of these at-home workouts for you and your family to follow. These workouts are cardio equipment agnostic. So if we show you a stationary bike, and you have a treadmill, just do the same amount of time on the cardio equipment you have. If you don’t have cardio equipment at home, you just need to find an aerobic exercise to perform for that same amount of time in Coach Fola’s instruction. You can mix and match any of the following aerobic exercises as a cardio machine replacement:

  • Jump rope/air jump rope 
  • Jumping Jacks (or any variation)
  • Jog in place
  • High Knees
  • Side shuffles
  • Shadowboxing
  • Walk in place

The weekly at-home workouts will remain on our site here in our blog, so you’ll be able to refer to them, repeat a week or start over from the beginning at leisure. 

So here you go — five days of workouts. Follow along with Coach Fola in the videos each day. We hope this helps you reduce stress and relieve tension.

At Home Workout Week 1 Day 1

At Home Workout Week 1 Day 2

At Home Workout Week 1 Day 3

At Home Workout Week 1 Day 4

At Home Workout Week 1 Day 5

These at-home workouts will be shared each Tuesday here on our Fitness blog.

At ViGOR FiTNESS, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve total mind-body fitness regardless of your access to fitness equipment or experience. With that in mind, Coach Fola will also begin taking custom workout requests from you and sharing those workouts on social. Send him a DM via our Facebook page or Instagram or just email him. Include in your request any equipment that you have in the house to incorporate in the workout plan as well as any mobility or other limitations that you need to work around on your fitness journey.